Our gallery of films and photos offers a rare and nuanced look at the power of disability arts, culture and public pedagogy to show the resilience of artists and people with disabilities. Artists with disabilities from diverse backgrounds and media speak about their own experiences, challenges to their social belonging, accessibility, and the rich cultural imagination learning from artists with disabilities offers educators, educational leaders, students, and the wider public.

Wingspan Films

Metamorphosis: Max Fomitchev – Max I Mime (with captions)

Directed by S. Miko Burns, edited by Thom Stitt, produced and story-edited by Leslie G. Roman.
Link to video without captions: YouTube

Bruce Horak (with captions)

Creator and Performer. One of several artists chosen to work with Wingspan.
Link to HD video without captions: YouTube

John Sharkey (with captions)

Coast Salish Artist. One of several artists chosen to work with Wingspan.

Link to HD video without captions: YouTube

Maxim Mime from Cirque du Soleil

Maxim Mime will be performing with us on January 8, 2018 at the Round House in front of elementary classroom followed by Rap artist, Greg Spokes Labine and Wingspan scholar, Dr. Leslie Roman—Join us for these remarkable performances as public pedagogy.
Information on Maxim Mime

Grand Opening Videos


Metamorphosis: Wingspan Grand Opening (with captions)

Honorable Carla Qualtrough, UBC President Santa Ono,VP Academic and Provost Andrew Szeri, Dean Blye Frank, Faculty of Education,Keynotes: Prof. Catherine Frazee, (Ryerson) Prof. Robert McRuer (George Washington University); Prof. Anna Hickey-Moodey, (RMIT, AU) and MLA, Sam Sullivan, and Prof. David Lepofsky (U of T).
Link to video without captions: YouTube


BECAUSE WE ARE: Anthem for Disabled Country

Dr. Catherine Frazee OC, D.Litt., LLD. (Hon.) is a Professor Emerita at Ryerson University, where prior to her retirement in 2010 she served as Professor of Distinction and Co-Director of the RBC-Ryerson Institute for Disability Studies Research & Education.


UBC President Santa Ono

Opening remarks at Wingspan Dis/arts, Culture, & Public Pedagogy


The Making of a Perfect Storm: The Unruly Salon