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The Early Edition with Stephen Quinn – Dec. 3, 2019: Three lower mainlanders who redefine what it means to live with a disability

Link: December 3, 2019 – 235,500 Average Daily Cume (Numeris)

Talent On Tap – Wingspan – Revolutionizing Diversity in the Arts

Link: August 19, 2019  – 48,415 views and 33,356 visitors



Cathy Browne & Wingspan artist-in-residence Sarah Jickling, musician and mental health advocate for the Delview Secondary School.

Link: June 26, 2019  135,000 listeners

Coop Vancouver Radio features Cathy Browne & fellow Wingspan artist and Richard Harlow artist-in-residence ‘teaching’ at Ladner Elementary School

Link: June 12, 2019

Over 3,000 BC Lower Mainland Students Erase Disability Stereotypes – Wingspan Artist Residency Program

Link: May 29, 2019

Cathy Browne & David Roche, story-teller, Wingspan artist-in-residence at Elsie Roy and Lord Roberts’ Elementary Schools.

Link: April 10, 2019


Federal Minister of Accessibility, Carla Qualtrough Shares Wingspan’s Groundbreaking Successes



 Blind artist is a ‘superstar’ in the eyes of Ladner students

Link: Delta Optimist 250-350k online readers per month


Artists with Disabilities help teach Delview Students Self Expression

Link: North Delta Reporter


Wingspan Director Leslie Roman and blind photographer Cathy Browne sit down with Joe Crawford on The Joe Crawford Show.

The interview will air this Sunday at 4pm EST and again at 9pm EST


Wingspan Director Leslie Roman and Wingspan artist-in resident legally blind photographer Cathy Browne sits down with host Ashleigh Davidson on Vancouver Television to talk about Canada’s Wingspan Residency Program in 7 Lower Mainland Schools

Link: Start at 22:42


Artists With Different Disabilities are Teaching Kids How to Create on The Early Edition with Stephen Quinn

The Early Edition’s Jake Costello went down to Elsie Roy Elementary and sat in on a storytelling class for students in grades five and six.



Tackling Disability Stereotypes on CTV Morning Live

David Roche and James Sanders talk with CTV Morning Live hosts Keri Adams and Jason Pires about Wingspan Disability Arts Artfully Performing Inclusion & Accessibility in and out of Schools.



Interview with Prof. Roman on ACCESSIBLE MEDIA, INC.

Professor Roman is interviewed by ACCESSIBLE MEDIA, INC. about the UBC VPRI, Wingspan Collaborative along with Wingspan dis/artists, Jeff Standfield and Sarah Jickling regarding their performances in Feb. 2018 at the Round House. AMI is viewed on cable internationally 5,000 viewers per minute!



REVIEW: Luminescence: Chanteuse to the Power of Three at the Cultch

Elaine Harder
CJSF 90.1 – no audience numbers available

April 8, 2018

Luminescence: Chanteuse to the Power of Three, featuring the Canadian singer-songwriters Sarah Jickling, Kristina Shelden and headliner Christa Couture is described by the reviewer as a “trio of performances that leave you feeling inspired by the possibility of the world and the courage of the human spirit, we are in awe.”

Read the full text here.



International Women’s Day Concert Celebrates Women Artists with Disabilities

Margaret Gallagher
CBC Early Edition — 235,500 Average Daily Cume (Numeris)

March 8, 2018

Wingspan artists Christa Couture and Kristina Shelden talk to CBC’s Margaret Gallagher about living and working as artists with disabilities and share some of their music, in advance of their concert on International Women’s Day.

Listen to full interview here (starts at 1:20:30).



5 Vancouver Shows to Celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8

Janet Smith
Georgia Straight — 816,000 unduplicated readers/visitors print and website per week

March 7, 2018

“Luminescence: Chanteuse to the Power of Three” – produced by Wingspan Dis/Ability Arts – is featured as one of the top concerts to celebrate International Women’s Day.

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Canada Now: Interview with Kristina Shelden

Jeff Sammut
Canada Now

March 6, 2018

Wingspan artist Kristina Shelden in conversation with Jeff Sammut of Canada Now talking about Wingspan, her journey as an artist with a disability and the upcoming concert.

Listen to the full interview here:


What’s In Your Fridge: Sarah Jickling

Mike Usinger
Georgia Straight — 816,000 unduplicated readers/visitors print and website per week

March 5, 2018

Wingspan artist Sarah Jickling dishes on her life, loves, favourite music and refrigerator contents while promoting the upcoming Wingspan concert.

Read full text here.



Burnaby Singer Advocates for Mental Health Awareness

Julie MacLellan
Burnaby Now — 47,000 circulation

March 5, 2018

Feature article with Wingspan artist, Sarah Jickling, focuses on how her journey with bipolar disorder and anxiety inspired her latest album and talking about the upcoming concert for International Women’s Day.

Read full text here.



From Paralysis to Performing: Concert Showcases B.C. Musician After Car Crash

Matt Humphrey
CBC News — 235,500 Average Daily Cume (Numeris)

March 4, 2018

Wingspan artist Kristina Shelden thought she would never play music again after a car accident in 2008, but now she is recording and performing. Read her story and listen to an interview with CBC North by Northwest host, Sheryl MacKay.

Read full text and listen to her interview here



International Women’s Day Concert Celebrates Female Musicians Who Turned Tragedy into Triumph

Vancouver Observer — 1.7 million circulation

March 3, 2018

Wingspan artists Christa Couture, Sarah Jickling and Kristina Shelden are three female musicians who found the strength amid life-changing losses and disabilities to become the artists they are today.

Read full text here.



Luminescence: Chanteuse to the Power of Three

The Arts Edge with Annie Roach

CJSF 90.1 FM

March 3, 2018

An in-depth interview with Prof. Leslie Roman, the founder and director of UBC’s Wingspan Dis/Ability Arts, Culture & Public Pedagogy about the organization and the upcoming concert, “Luminescence: Chanteuse to the Power of Three.”

Listen to full interview here.